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DR Calendar Timeline

1371 DR - Year of the Unstrung Harp

1371 DR
Alturiak (Feb) 12 - Amenrath leaves Anuaroch and begins journey to Icewind Dale. He seeks answers to questions about the Cataclysm. Achmed promises to meet him in 3 months (Mirtul)
Alturiak 27 - Quintallis is "resurrected" in the outskirts of Bryn Shander. Meets Amen
- Malcolm and Alliana bring message from Speaker Jarl (of Bryn Shander) to Targos
Ches (Mar) 1 - Arrival at Targos Orel, Jakob and Tarion Gourn arrive via the Wicked Wench from Luskan. Malcolm & Alliana arrive via Bryn Shander. Amen and Quinntalis arrive. Endarth decides to locate his comrades here...
Ches 3 - Rex, the goblin bard, befriends PCs
Ches 4 - rescue of hostages at Sheagarne River
Ches 5 - Amen, Tarion and Quin return to Targos as heroes. The "Company" is formed by Ulbrec.Fortress Adventure (Chap. 2) begins.
Ches 9 - Gjal Hjothleid, barbarian from the Great Worm Tribe arrives in Targos and calls upon Ulbrec. Informs them about orc movements in the Spine of the World and notes location of fortress.
- Emma Moonblade and Dereth scout fortress and recon
Ches 11 - Endarth begins initial preparation for his "glass laboratory"
Ches 19 - Spring Equinox
Ches 20 - Emma returns and informs Company of Dereth's abduction. Company prepares for rescue mission.
Ches 21 - Party leaves for the fortress. Jakob Firehand is captured and is transported to the fortress.
Ches 23 - Travel to Fortress.
Ches 25 - Arrival at orc fortress. Party rescues Jakob Firehand, Dereth and 25 prisoners. Killed orc chief, orc rouge and ice troll. Witnesses dialouge between orc chief and mysterious half-demon woman. Endarth is also reunited with his fellow avariel.
- Dereth guides PCs back to Targos. Detours via Underdak
Ches 27 - Party encounters Vheareunian drow led by Nym. Drow escort them to the tunnels under Targos docks
Ches 30 - Battle of Targos. Ulbrec and Emma are murdered.
Ches 31 - Burial of Ulbrec. Party prepares to travel to Silverymoon for Emma's ressurection.
Tarsakh (April) 1 - Company travels to Standing Stones accompanied by the Great Worm Barbarians
Tarsakh 7 - Arrival at Standing Stones. Vy'lareth reappears. Episode 5 begins. Encounter with Rhistel. Party step thru Portal and emerge at High Forest.
Tarsakh 9 - Refuge at the Grandfather Tree
Tarsakh 10 - Company meets Turlang
Tarsakh 15 - Arrival at Silverymoon. Emma is ressurected. Audience with Alustriel. Nataz appears. Company prepares to assualt Red Wizards and rescue real Dereth.
Tarsakh 17 - Episode 6 begins. Jakob gates party to dwarven bridge. Battle with Red Wizards. Emma and Dereth reunited. Company prepares to investigate ruins of Ascore.
Tarsakh 18 - Episode 7 begins. Company meet at Silverymoon. Details about the "Unholy Alliance" of the Legion of Chimera, the Red Wizards, the Orcs and the Shade are revealed.
  - Alivi'yar Gates the company to Ascore. Shade plot to make portals and plans for invasion are foiled. Darvin Nightcloak is rescued.
  - Back in Silverymoon, they report to Alustriel. Members of the Company go on separate ways. They promise to meet again after 1 year. They formally call themselves "The Company of Targos"

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