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Campaign Background


I have traveled far and wide onboard spelljamming vessels and through Gates and Portals. I have stepped into myriad worlds and planes. From the war-ravaged lands of Acheron, to the mystic city of Union, and the Rock of Bral (where I now reside). Yet, there is nothing that can compare to my birthplace, Faerun.


Yes, home. Abeir-Toril has always been close to my heart. Its enchantment has always lured me back to its verdant hills, lush forests, majestic mountains and sprawling cities.

My journeys began in Tantras, land of my birth, where Torm and Bane destroyed each other during the Time of Troubles. From this small city in The Vast, I made my way west through the Sea of Fallen Stars. I discovered the merchants and the wares of Sembia and the Dragon Coast (where, they say, "everything has its price…"). In Cormyr, during the reign of the late King Azoun, I have witnessed the rule of law and justice implemented for the common good. At Immersea, one must find time to purchase the Five Fine Fish ale, a beverage fit for the gods.

Although magic can certainly take me to places almost instantaneously, I still prefer to travel on my trusty Narfell steed. Through the Western Heartlands, I made my way towards Neverwinter and Waterdeep, the City of Splendors where I call upon old friends, Khelben and Elminster.

Elminster, foremost expert of Faerun lore, informs me of several developments in the Realms. The Red Wizards of Thay have been expanding their influence and reach through trade and mercantile efforts. Ixachtu Xvim, son of Bane, has been spreading his faith (perhaps paving the way for the return of his father) and Cormyr has lost its greatest son and leader, King Azoun and there is turmoil among the ranks of the Harpers.

With Elminster's help, I have caused the legendary Spear of Daggerdale to be retrieved by Blackwolf and several of our allies. But this, I am afraid, may not be sufficient to aid us in our efforts against the growing forces of darkness.

Faerun needs thy sword, adventurer. It is a big place - big enough for many heroes and the tales of their exploits to be sung by bards and be recorded by the scribes of Candlekeep.

Armies and the might of men, elves and dwarves may not be enough to guard against the plots from the likes of the Zhentarim, the Thayan Red Wizards, Xvimlar Faithful, Drow dissidents, and orcs from the Spine of the World.

Being an adventurer myself, I know that it is a hazardous and deadly career. But the rewards can more than make up for the danger. I call upon thee to join all that have gone before thee and carve thy names in history.

May thy blade always strike true and may Azuth, the Shining One, bless thee with potent spells.

Quel Mart. Tenna' ento lye omenta, (Good Luck. Until next we meet,)

Sharic Sif'Harith
High Magistrate of Azuth
Church of the Shining Hand
1371 DR (Year of the Unstrung Harp)