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Winter's Twilight Player's Guidebook. 25 Pages.



Welcome to the Official Website of The North: Winter's Twilight Campaign. Winter's Twilight is a Fellowship sanctioned Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition campaign and starts March 1, 2003. The adventures are usually held at Manila or San Juan twice a month.

For core and alternate players, you'll find tons of information about the campaign and a place to store information about your characters and their exploits. For visitors to the site, there are downloads, links and house rules which you could adapt to your own campaigns. Consider this as a place to "jump-start" ideas which could inspire you to write, create and play in your own fantastic and epic adventures!

To all my players, there is nothing more satisfyting for me than to see your characters evolve, have depth and be involved in a great and epic journey in the "Savage North", one of Faerun's most inhospitable and mysterious regions.

Above all, the goal of the campaign is for everyone to have fun. Now, that supercedes all rules...

May the dice be good to you,

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Mon M., Dungeon Master February 2003










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