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Chapter 1: "Targos"

March 1, 2003
Pasadena, San Juan
Mon Macutay, DM

Dramatis Personae

Amenrath, Jackalwere 3, CG by Myk Roman
Quinntalis "DeadBane" Galendale, Elven Curst 3, CG by Jet
Tarion Gourn, Aasimar Fighter 2, NG by Dindo Moreno


1st of Ches, Claw of Sunsets 1371DR (The Year of the Unstrung Harp)

Tarion Gourn is recruited as a mercenary from Daggerfalls by Hedron Kerdos, captain of the Wicked Wench and joins Orel and Jakob Firehand to Luskan. From Luskan, the mercenary ships cross the Sea of Moving Ice where they lose almost half of the fleet to orcs and a white dragon. Limping and sore, they land at Targos in Icewind Dale.

Meanwhile, Amenrath crosses the Spine of the World from Anuaroch (where he is sent by his Bedine tribe to seek answers which could unravel the prophecied cataclysm to strike Anuaroch). Amenrath meets the undead, Quinntallis (newly resurrected from battles with Myrkul at Waterdeep during the Time of Troubles) near the outskirts of Bryn Shander. Amen and Quintallis decide that there is strength in numbers and head towards Targos.

Arriving at the same time as the ships from Luskan; Amen, Quintallis and Tarion find themselves surrounded by marauding orcs which have began to attack the docks. Quickly dispatching the humanoids and the resident shaman, they are also surprised to learn that goblin sappers have tunneled under the docks. Vagrad, the harbormaster, immediately instructs the trio to lead a counter offensive to drive the foul beasts back and destroy the tunnels.

Descending into the tunnels from one of the warehouses, Amen was almost skewered by orcs and goblins armed with longspears awaiting in ambush below. Reinforced by their fellow mercenaries, our heroes bring the battle to the caverns and cleared the mines of orcs and goblins. The orcish shaman was lucky, however, and escaped.

They also discover that the goblins have mined from a section of the Underdark that leads to the docks of Targos. Using alchemist's fire and explosives, they seal the tunnels and post guards to prevent such an incident from ever taking place again.


Pleased and impressed with their fighting prowess, Vagrad instructs the trio to report to Ulbrec, Lord Mayor of Targos to be formally commissioned and rewarded for their part in the defense of the town.

Ulbrec thanks them for their help and informs them that his scouts, Emma Moonblade and Dereth Springsong have discovered that the orcs have taken over a small fishing community at the Shaegrane River. The humanoids have almost 30 humans hostage and they have also fortified the village and have constructed dams (perhaps, to flood Targos when spring comes).

Ulbrec cannot commit his troops to battle since they are hard pressed to maintain a strong defense in Targos. This could also panic the orcs into killing the hostages. The rangers, Emma and Dereth suggest that sending a small 'strike force' would be best. Tarion had a great idea of using Oswald's airship to sneak past the orc defenses so that they can rescue the hostages while Dereth leads a contingent of 20 mercenaries to distract the orcs by attacking from the front.

Emma and Dereth return to Shaegarne river to confirm fortifications and determine the best route of attack.


After being supplied with potions of healing (Tarion buys a "Shield" potion, as well), Dereth leads the militia to Shaegarne while the "strike team" (composed of Amen, Tarion, Quinntalis and Emma) board Oswald's airship.

Arriving in the cover of darkness, the group dispatches a few orc guards with wolves (thanks to Emma's silence spell) and sneak into the orcish camp.

There, they find the hostages huddled in the center of camp, tied and shackled to log posts.

Using a hawk to signal Dereth's forces to begin the 'distraction attack', Tarion leads the assault to free the hostages.

Using bows, they quickly kill the orc guards. The winter wolves proved rather resilient and were tougher to eliminate. Emma provides longbow cover and races to shield the hostages from approaching orcs. Amen and Quinntalis join the fray.

The commander of the orcs, a big, seven foot half-orc armed with a greataxe and mounted on a dire wolf appears! His bodyguards, orcish barbarians, also join him for melee.

Emma leads the hostages to safety. Amen dispatches some of the guards and prepares to defend himself against approaching barbarians and wolves. Quinntallis stands his ground and meets the orc commander while Tarion uses his longbow and unleashes hell upon the orcish barbarians.

Quinntalis manages to survive the initial flurry of blows from the orc commander (and thankfully, was immune to additional sneak attack damage because he was undead). Tarion discovers the benefits of attacking from the rear of the commander with his bow (the Shield spell was ineffective!). He dodges several attempts by an orc barbarian to grapple him…

With team effort (and a little luck from Tymora), they defeat the orcs and rescue the hostages ('bombing' the orc camp from the airship on the way back)

They return to Targos as heroes…


Tarion: "Hmmm… we need something to open this secret door. Hey you (to a merc), can I borrow your halberd?"
Merc: "No!"
Tarion: "Why?"
Merc: "'coz I'm the ONLY ONE with a halberd!"

Amen: "We still can't open this door… any ideas?
Mercs: "Maybe this wagon axle can help… "
Quinntalis: "Where'd you get that?"
Mercs: "The building on top is actually a warehouse, in case you don't know…"

DM: "Emma's Silence spell couldn't have been timed better. It is centered on the guards and the wolves can't alert the others to your presence…"
Quin: "But… But… I'm blind, I use sound to determine where they are.."
DM: "They 'vanished'"

Tarion: "I try to concentrate and detect whatever is on that Quinntalis dude.."
DM: roll… (Dindo gets a 2)
DM: "he… is…. (for a loss of words), kinda' Queer"

Amenrath: "oh-oh… I think we're in trouble…" (after seeing the orc Boss)

Tarion: "best goddamn 150GP I ever spent!!!!" (referring to the Shield potion)

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