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Chapter 5: "Silverymoon"

May 3, 2003
Ramagi, Pedro Gil
Mon Macutay, DM

Dramatis Personae

Amenrath Sethnakhtehamen, Jackalwere Psychic Warrior, CG © by Myk Roman
Quinntalis "DeadBane" Galendale, Elven Curst, Ranger, CG © by Jet
Malcolm Silverbrow, Irda Paladin of Bahamut, LG © by Chris Cruz
Alliana, Gold Elf Wizard, NG © by Prixie Tan
Xian Puremind, Human Psion, © by Oliver Valencia
Tarion Gourn, Aasimar Fighter, NG © by Dindo Moreno
Jakob Firehand, Human Monk-Wizard, LN © BY Tony Cruz
Orel Rylyn'Tar, Half-Drow Monk, CG © by Aris Antonio
Endrath Windhunter, Avariel Fighter , NG © by Erwin Nanez

*Also Starring

Puchila, Human Sorceress, CG (c) By Justine
Leo Gangrel, Human Fighter, CG (c) By Vier Tajonera


Vylareth - drow scout of Vhaerun
Turlang - Great Treant of the High Forest
Gunthar Longtooth - Tree Ghost barbarian leader
Nataz - as himself
High Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon
Emma Moonblade
Rhistel - Undead Slayer Knight of Iyachtu Xvim

The Portal

7th of Tarsakh of the Storms, 1371DR (The Year of the Unstrung Harp)

Warding of the Dead: Malcolm crosses the Glyph-laden room

Jakob Firehand and Quintallis are both zapped by a ray of magical energy. They immediately vanish. Meanwhile, Endrath appears out of nowhere. He is oblivious to the events that transpired. The party makes haste towards the portal and locate the whereabouts of their lost friends.

They successfully hurdle the "Warding of the Dead", a magically trapped room filled with various Glyphs of Warding placed upon carvings of undead. Tarion accidentally triggers one of the glyphs. Both he and Vy'Lareth get into an argument and throw puns and sarcasm at each other. Malcolm stands between them and attempts to salvage civility between the two.

Meanwhile, Malcolm bravely cuts a path across the room to trigger the least damaging of the glyphs. He steps on a "Lich" and sets off a Flamestrike… he reels from fiery agony!

Vy'lareth, using his ranger and magical skills, helps lead the party to safety.

Soon, the party discover a magical pool consecrated to the god Shaundakul, (patron of travelers and portals). Alliana initiates a prayer and offers a valuable item to Shaundakul. Soonafter, she drinks from the pool and discovers that it is the sweetest and most refreshing water she has ever had.

The other adventurers follow suit (except for Amen).

A few moments later, our heroes are almost at their wits end as they attempt to open the main doors leading to the portal. (Kudos to Dindo and Erwin for solving the "Balls and Balance" puzzle).

Best Friends… and a scroll!

Beyond the main doors, the party find Quinntallis, Jakob, Puchila and Leo Gangrel. (the latter three are held prisoners and suspended on pillars).

Quintallis is shocked when he discovers that the Guardian of the portal is none other than Rhistel, his best friend (during the Time of Troubles. Both he and Rhistel have become undead due to Myrkul's influence).

Apparently, Rhistel has embraced his "True Destiny" and has the powers to prove it. He tries to convince Quinntalis to accept his "Destiny" and succumb to True Death. Rhistel, now a Slayer Knight of Iyachtu Xvim (and wielding a Greatsword of the Soulless) mentions that the "Master" will be pleased if Quinntalis joins their ranks

Rhistel and his Bodaks gear up for a fight! Jakob is almost slain by a Bodak death gaze.

The rest of our heroes free the prisoners and join the ensuing melee.

Out of nowhere, Tarion is hit by a poisoned crossbow bolt. Sapping him of his strength and greatly

Vylareth gets a "cheap shot" at Tarion

affecting his combat prowess. He suspects (correctly) that the drow, Vy'lareth, is behind the attack.

Meanwhile, Malcolm and the others try to avoid the Bodak's deadly gaze. The fight continues.

Rhistel instinctively goes after Quinntalis. Quinntalis is mortally wounded.

Jakob quickly rushes to the ranger's aid. The rest keep Rhistel occupied. Soon, most of the party members discover that Shaundakul has granted them temporary, sacred powers to aid them in this battle.

Quinntalis uses Jakob's Troll Gut Rope and (with a lucky bow shot) snares the sacred scroll from Rhistel.

Amen and Tarion finally defeat the Bodak. A Mirror-Imaged Vy'lareth reveals himself to Tarion. Tarion drops his swords and "quickdraws" his composite longbow. His anger for the drow swells to the limit when he discovers that his Quiver of Ehllona is missing (along with ALL of his arrows). He drops the bow and vents his anger on Vy'lareth with his bare hands.

The drow laughs off the crude attempt and teleports away!

Amen delivers the deathblow to Rhistel as Malcolm and Alliana finish the last Bodak.

The battle finally over, they step through the portal and appear in the High Forest.

Malcolm releases the magical Quall Bird Token from Nym.


Tarion informs everyone that he is leaving the group as soon as they reach Silverymoon. He claims that he felt betrayed by the party's decision to associate with the drow. Malcolm and the others try to reason with the Aasimar. Tarion respectfully declines their requests for him to reconsider his actions.

Meanwhile, Endrath informs everyone that they are near the vicinity of the legendary Grandfather Tree. He has several friends within the sacred grove. The avariel flies off in advance to announce their presence and seek passage and lodging for the night.

At this point, Puchila and Leo Gangrel also bid their farewells and thank the Company for rescuing them from certain doom.

The Grandfather Tree

Jakob is surprised to find Orel as a guest of the Tree Ghost tribe and the elves within the Grandfather Tree enclave. He thought it best to follow "Dereth" as soon as he heard about the murders. Apparently, he lost track of Dereth and has since been the guest of Gunthar Longtooth (barbarian leader of the Tree Ghosts).

After a short audience with Gunthar, the party studies the Netherese scroll they wrested from Rhistel. Amen explains the great prophecy about the Anuaroch Cataclysm. Most are convinced that somehow, Amen and the Company would play a vital role in it. Tired and wounded, they rest and prepare for tomorrow's long journey to Silverymoon.

Turlang's Woods

The Great Treant, Turlang!

Warriors of the Tree Ghosts and wood elven rangers escort the party just within the borders of Turlang's Woods.

Here, the Company meet the legendary Turlang, a treant- Elder Druid. They show him Emma's body and reveal their mission to the Great Treant. Turlang is saddened by their account of Emma's death and vows to help them in whatever way possible.

He tells the Company that he and his Treants have encountered a group of Thayan Red Wizards with Dereth as their captive. The Treants have managed to kill a few of the guards but the Red Wizards were too fast and escaped. Turlang allows the adventurers access to the items and weapons from said encounter.

Turlang also reveals the history of Hellgate Keep and the true nature of the half-demon, half-elven fiends of House Dlardrageth.

Tarion speaks with Turlang in private. Turlang offers him apprenticeship as a ranger should he accept it.


Silverymoon: Gem of the North

At long last, the perilous journey ends. The Company welcome the warmth and safety of the Gem of the North, Silverymoon. Our heroes are awed by the sight of the magical city where all races live in perfect harmony and the rule of law is enacted fairly by hundreds of Paladins and the Knights in Silver.

Paladins of the Knights in Silver escort the Company to Alustriel's Palace.

The High Lady has convened the Lord's Alliance (a council of good-aligned regions opposed to the various evil organizations of the North). Among those present during the meeting was the Archmage Nataz, personal represenatative of Sharic Sif'Harith, High Magistrate of the Church of the Shining Hand.

Jakob gets a pleasant surprise seeing his master!

The Company gets an audience with the High Lady. Emma is resurrected. Lady Alustriel reveals to them the following:

1. That Emma Moonblade is actually a Harper and an agent of the Lord's Alliance sent to Icewind Dale to keep track of humanoid troop movements and to report activities by the Legion of Chimera
2. A great crisis is upon the Realms. King Azoun is dead! A red dragon has killed the great monarch of Cormyr. Cormyrian cities have been ravaged by the dragon's humanoid army.
3. Alustriel invites the party to be agents for the Alliance.
4. Helps them with some of their questions regarding the Netherese Scroll.

Tarion says his final goodbyes and leaves.

Meanwhile, Jakob requests aid from his great master. Nataz, using his crystal ball, locates the presence of Dereth (both the Clone and the real one) they are among the Red Wizard caravan heading towards Anuaroch. Nataz also discovers the location of Vy'lareth. Nym, Vy'lareth and drow numbering around 300 step through the portal from the Standing Stones. Soon, they parley with Tree Ghost warriors and negotiate for safe passage.

The drow are escorted to the eastern edge of the High Forest. A drow welcoming party awaits. They turn their backs from the High Forest and head to Cormanthor where they will reunite with their people.

The location of Dereth quickly stirs the party to action. Nataz gives Jakob some scrolls and money while the others prepare to acquire items and resources to gear up for the upcoming battle against Dereth and the Red Wizards. Nataz casts Mark of Justice on Tarion in return for a favor (or was it a loan or ioun stones?)

Will they finally catch the Clone that murdered Ulbrec? What role do the Red Wizards play in the scheme of all things? What about the prophecies of Selune? Also, will the party accept the High Lady's offer to work for the Alliance? Is Tarion leaving for good? Will Quin pursue the angles about his "curse"? What are the goals of the Legion of the Chimera?

Answers next episode. 'Nuff said


Jakob: "are you two getting married?
Xion: "Better yet! Are you "getting it on?"


Vy'lareth: "do you really believe in the saying "a good drow is a dead drow"?"
Tarion: "in time, my 'friend'… in time…"


Jakob: "Master… I… I…"
Nataz: "Speak up! You lice-ridden baboon!!!"
Jakob: "I need help"
Nataz: (Pauses) "I don't have cash!"


Orel: "So, Great One, did you manage to capture the Red Wizards?"
Turlang: "Uhhhh… they… were…. fast! …*%$#@* fast, my son! We… are… only… treants"


Jakob: "Now, do you believe me?"
Tarion: " I owe you and your master, big time"
(Tarion reacting to the crystal ball images that Jakob shows….)


Rhistel: "join me, brother… together we shall be powerful. In True Death, there is power!"
Quin: "Yeah… right…"


Tarion: "Use the scales twice! Twice!?!"
Endrath: "That's what it says…"
Tarion: "That's IMPOSSIBLE!"


Turlang: "The human hand is versatile because of the power of the individual digits. Without one, the others are almost useless. Remember that, Tarion…"
Tarion: "I will, Great One."


Turlang: "Do… I … Bore … You…"
Alliana: (yawning) "oh no! not at all. Not at all…"


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