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Dramatis Personae

Amenrath Sethnakhthehamen

(CG, male, Jackalwere, Psychic Warrior) - Amen, as he more fondly known, grew up in the deserts of the Anuaroch. Raised and trained by the Bedine, he has learned the ways of the desert and is a proficient scout, tracker and warrior. The Bedine, through the prophecies of Elah (Selune), has foretold of a great Cataclysm which will strike Anuaroch next year (1372DR The Year of Wild Magic). The Shade, led by the mighty Hadrhune, may have a hand in this. Struck down by Asabi while rescuing an ambushed Bedine patrol, he saw visions of a strange city in the North. Clerics of Elah have foreseen the written prophecies of a "stranger" which will liberate Anuaroch from disaster. Amen travels to the North to seek answers.

Jakob Firehand

(LN, male, human, Monk/Wizard) - Jakob spent his childhood in ravaged Zhentil Keep during the Time of Troubles. Sold into slavery by Thayan Red Wizards, Jakob finds himself serving a noble of Calimshan. There, he is rescued by the legendary archmage, Nataz. Nataz and Sharic, Chosen of Azuth, entrust the young lad to the Shining Hand, a monastic order worshipping Azuth. Honing his martial and magical skills, Jakob is finally tasked by Nataz and Sharic to travel to the North to keep a close eye on the latest humanoid threat to the region. A threat, they believe, might be connected to the current epic "Orc Crisis" spawned by Turus'h Ma'k.

Orel Rilynt'Tar

(LN, male, half-drow, Monk) - A native of Damara, Orel was born during the Damara-Vaasa war. While the forces of Zengyi, the Witch-King invaded his homeland, Orel's mother tried to hide the young boy by entrusting him to the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. After the war, Orel began to hone his martial arts skills and revere the teachings of Ilmater (god of Suffering). He learns, from no other than King Gareth Dragonsbane, that his father, Rizzen Rilynt'Tar (a valiant warrior of Damara), was captured by fleeing forces of Vaasa and retreated to The North. He heads to Icewind Dale to seek his father.

Quinntalis "DeadBane" Galendale

(CG, male, Moon Elven Curst, Ranger) Quinntalis was a member of the Waterdeep city watch during the Time of Troubles. He witnessed the destruction of the City of Splendors by the fell forces of Bane and Myrkul. Quinntalis even had the opportunity to meet Cyric and Midnight when they were yet mortals. Quinntalis and the city watch, led by Thanos Stormhand, a paladin of Torm, battled the onslaught of undead serving Mrykul. When Mrykul himself manifested in the Castle Ward, Quinntalis (along with Rhistel, his best friend) were struck down by the god's necromatic energy. 17 years later in the outskirts of Targos, he rises from the grave as a Curst Undead. His goal - to combat the forces of evil and necromancy and to solve the mystery of his "ressurection".

Malcolm Silverbrow

(LG, male, Irda, Paladin of Bahamut) A native of Krynn, Malcolm was once an apprentice to a reknowned Solamnic Knight. When chaos swept the lands of Krynn, his master was murdered. The young lad fled to a ruined Tower of High Sorcery. The residual magic from ruins transported the boy to Toril. At a cave near the outskirts of Kelvin's Cairn, Malcolm prayed to Paladine. Bahamut, being the essence of Paladine in Toril, heard his prayers. Surprised to find someone calling him by his ancient name, Bahamut revealed himself to Malcolm in a vision. He found the young lad promising, strong, kind and faithful. Bahamut gave him a greatsword with his symbol. From that day onward, Malcolm vowed to uphold good and vanquish evil as a servant of Paladine/Bahamut.


(NG, female, Gold Elf, Wizard) Alliana's delicate features and fiery hair are a counterpart to her stauesque complexion. This lively and childlike elf with an inquisitive nature hails from the Moonwood in the Silver Marches. She is in search of a long-lost brother and has herself become lost in Icewind Dale. Recently, he was rescued by Malcolm Silverbrow from a nasty encounter with humaniods. The two have been a pair ever since. Her spells and quick wits greatly complementing Malcolm's kind heart and his deadly skills with the bastard sword.

Tarion Gourn

(NG, male, Aasimar, Fighter) Tarion grew up in Daggerdale and was adopted by a kind human family. He helped Tevion, his 'father', run the family business (mercantile). When Tarion was 11, he accompanied his father and his brother to Tantras to supply the local market with livestock and vegetables. At Tantras, during the Time of Troubles, the young lad witnessed the battle of Torm and Bane which devastated most of the city. Tarion was even instrumental in helping Torm defeat Bane by throwing the avatar's blade so that the god of loyalty delivered the deathblow to the tyrant, Bane (no ordinary mortal could wield the blade of a god…).Tevion, unfortunately was slain during this event. Anur blamed Tarion for the demise of his father and their relationship as 'brothers' deteriorated ever since. He decides to leave home and find his destiny elsewhere. He is recruited as a mercenary by Luskanites and is sent to Icewind Dale.

Endrath Windhunter

(NG, male, Avariel, Fighter) Rarest of the elven races, the avariel, the winged elves, live a reclusive existence, seldom seen by outsiders. Such is their scarcity and seclusion, that their status is almost that of legend. Endrath has chosen to live the Warrior's Path of his people. He hails from the Star Mounts, at the center of the High Forest. When several of his hunting companions were slain and abducted by orcs, Endarth elected to pursue them. His search brings him to Targos in Icewind Dale, where he meets the rest of The Company.

Xion Puremind

(CG, male, Human, Psion)

Born and raised in Baldur's Gate, Xion discovered that he was "special" as a child. During adolescence, some of his Psychic powers manifested. Tainted and treated as an outcast, the young Xion found refuge when he was approached by the Brotherhood of the Mind, a group which seeks out like-minded and gifted individuals. He trained under the Brotherhood and journeys to The North to rediscover more of his inner self thereby manisfesting latent psychic powers still not known to him.




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