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Chapter 6: "Red Wizards"

May 17, 2003
Ramagi, Pedro Gil
Mon Macutay, DM

Dramatis Personae

Amenrath Sethnakhtehamen, Jackalwere Psychic Warrior, CG © by Myk Roman
Quinntalis "DeadBane" Galendale, Elven Curst, Ranger, CG © by Jet
Malcolm Silverbrow, Irda Paladin of Bahamut, LG © by Chris Cruz
Xion Puremind, Human Psion, CG © by Oliver Valencia
Endrath Windhunter, Avariel Fighter , NG © by Erwin Nanez

*Also Starring (as NPCs)

Alliana, Gold Elf Wizard, NG © by Prixie Tan
Jakob Firehand, Human Monk-Wizard, LN © BY Tony Cruz


Gulen - Leader of the Red Wizards (Invoker)

Alius of Figwallow - Ghostwise Halfling Fighter/Wizard (Enchanter)
Work - Tiefling Rouge-Wizard (Illusionist)
Dereth the Clone
The REAL Dereth
Emma Moonblade
Alavi'Yar - aide of the High Lady


16th of Tarsakh of the Storms, 1371DR (The Year of the Unstrung Harp)

Gulen, The Red Wizard Leader

Jakob Firehand finalizes his spells and prepares for the assault. The others purchase magic items and supplies before the planned attack.

Jakob, using the crystal ball Nataz gave him, magically scryes for the Red Wizards. He spots them hours away from an ancient dwarven stone-bridge within the outskirts of the Ascore. The Red Wizard entourage consisted of a four-horse-drawn carriage, a "demonic-looking" driver, 'Dereth' on horseback and 2 additional mounted mercenaries.

Jakob's attempts at spying are discovered and the Red Wizards pick up the pace.

Meanwhile, Emma informs the Company of the rumored disappearance of a powerful mage (from Jalanthar) and mysterious Shade activity within Ascore.

Soon after, a magical Quall Bird appears and delivers a message to Malcolm. The letter is from Nym, thanking them for their help and apologizing for Vy'lareth's actions. Nym reveals that they have successfully parleyed with the elves and the Tree Ghost tribe and are making good progress towards Cormanthor.


Wokr, the Tiefling Illusionist

The great dwarven stone-bridge is a massive edifice depicting a dwarven warrior wielding an axe. The axe is the length of the bridge, which spans two mountains 500 feet across and over 300 feet high.

Jakob "Gates" the Company to the battlement (the other end of the bridge which forms the head of the 'axe'). They take up ambush positions.

The Red Wizard carriage approached with caution and stopped midpoint of the bridge. Emma draws first blood and rushes the Dereth-Clone!

All hell broke loose as the others join the fray! Jakob hurls his lighting bolt at the carriage, utterly destroying it. The true-Dereth (bound) scampers out, wounded. The tiefling carriage driver unleashes his illusions while their leader, the Red Wizard Gulen, magically flies out of the carriage, turns invisible and rains doom (Fireball and Ice Storm) upon the Company. The feral halfling, Alius, also evades the lightning bolt and rushes nearby Quinntalis.

Emma makes short work of the bodyguards and continues her deadly swordfight with the Dereth-Clone.

Malcolm and Amen stand their ground and flank the tiefling.

Meanwhile, Alliana makes a fatal discovery. The "Dereth" she presumed to be the real one turned out to be the Clone! She is felled by a traitorous sword thrust to the back!

Spot the Difference: Who is the real Dereth?

Jakob grapples the REAL Clone. Emma is surprised to discover that she was fighting the charmed, REAL Dereth (This is confusing!!! -DM). Dereth breaks from the Charm spell and fires his bow at the grappled clone. Emma delivers the fatal blow to the Clone.

As the battle waged, Puremind is felled by a magical attack. The tiefling instinctively hurls the Psion's body over the ledge!

Jakob successfully dispels the magical protections and enchantments upon the Red Wizard leader (using Nataz's scroll).

Endarth races to save Puremind! Calling forth "isaw", the magical Troll Gut Rope, the avariel gracefully dives to catch the freefalling Psion. Just before the Troll Gut Rope latches unto Puremind, Gulen, the Red Wizard, appears out of nowhere and grabs it.

Now or never: Endarth prepares to dive and save Puremind

Endarth orders "isaw" to wrap itself onto the Red Wizard and grabs Puremind inches before hitting the ground.

Defeated (and after the compulsory "Some other day…" villain monologue), The Red Wizard and Alius, the halfling, teleport out.

This happens at about the same time Malcolm and Amen finally decapitate the Tiefling!





The Red Wizards have been defeated. Dereth and Emma are reunited and the clone finally destroyed.

Yet, there is the matter of Ascore.

Ascore, now in ruins, was once the dwarven gateway to the realms of Delzoun. Recent reports indicate Shade activity within the ruins and Dereth confirms the Red Wizards' itinerary. The Company also discover a cache of weapons, armor and magic items seemingly intended for the Shade.

Jakob and Malcolm (using the crystal ball) consult with Alivi'Yar, one of the High Lady's aides. Alivi'yar suggests that they investigate the area. They are free to resupply at Silverymoon before the slated mission. Emma and Dereth pledge their support for the group and promise to aid them in whatever way they can.

The Company gates to Silverymoon and prepare to assault the ruins of Ascore.

What secrets does Ascore have in store for our adventurers? What is the connection between the Shade and the Red Wizards? Is this in conjunction with the prophecies as revealed in the Nether scroll?

Answers next episode. Stay tuned for the conclusion of Book 1 of Winter's Twilight.


Jakob: "This lightning bolt should fry that Red Wizard" (bolt fizzles…)
Malcolm: "Jakob, what happened!?!"
Jakob: (in shock) "M-M-Minor G-Globe of Invulnerability…"


Endarth: "Isaw, to arms!!!!!!!!"
(calling the Troll Gut Rope to aid him catch the falling Puremind)


Dereth-Clone (to Alliana): "It seems you've got the wrong person, missy…" (slash!)


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