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Chapter 4: "The Standing Stones"

April 12 , 2003
Ramagi, Pedro Gil
Mon Macutay, DM

Dramatis Personae

Amenrath Sethnakhtehamen, Jackalwere Psychic Warrior, CG © by Myk Roman
Quinntalis "DeadBane" Galendale, Elven Curst, Ranger, CG © by Jet
Malcolm Silverbrow, Irda Paladin of Bahamut, LG © by Chris Cruz
Alliana, Gold Elf Wizard, NG © by Prixie Tan
Xian Puremind, Human Psion, © by Oliver Valencia
Tarion Gourn, Aasimar Fighter, NG © by Dindo Moreno
Jakob Firehand, Human Monk-Wizard, LN © BY Tony Cruz

*Special Guest Appearance of Glenn Chua (who played Vy'lareth the Drow scout)

Ulbrec's Funeral

30TH of Ches, Claw of Sunsets 1371DR (The Year of the Unstrung Harp)

Xian Puremind baffled after his chance meeting with 'Bahamut'

The battle is over. The humanoid army breaks down and retreat back to the Spine of the World.

Targos is safe, for the moment.

The Psion, Xian Puremind chances an encounter with an old, male beggar (carrying a cage with 7 canaries). Later, he realizes that he has met face-to-face with a god! (Bahamut).

Later that night, Amen and Quin both receive visions. Quin is visited by 3 mysterious spellcasters (in spirit form) who tell him that "within the Standing Stones lie part of his past…". Amen receives a vision of a "dark, evil force' clutching a Netherese scroll and guarding a magical portal.

Meanwhile, the characters realize that war was without its loss. Targos buries its dead. Among them, Lord Ulbrec. In a ceremonial funeral, the bodies were placed in barges, set on fire and floated to the Sea of Moving Ice.

Lady Elythara and Bednir preside over the funeral ceremonies. The characters deliver short eulogies for Ulbrec and the fallen heroes of Targos. Malcolm delivers a Solamnic funeral poem while the others also deliver solemn remarks. Afterwards, they swear allegiance to Bednir, Ulbrec's son and now, newly proclaimed mayor and Lord of Targos.

Rex, the goblin bard played a moving song with his violin during the event.

The Drow Predicament

No laughing matter: Gjal, the barbarian leader amused with Malcolm's revelations...


After the funeral, the Company is invited to join the Targos Council meeting over

dinner. Present during the meeting were: Lady Elythara, Bednir, Gjal of the Great Worm Tribe barbarians, Vagrad the dock master, Hedron Kerdos, Garuis Subeth - Paladin of Torm and representative Istvar from Bryn Shander.

They discuss plans for the proposed journey of the Company to Silverymoon, where they will bring Emma's body for resurrection. Gjal and the barbarians will guide them to a Portal which could expedite their travel time.

Meanwhile, Jakob Firehand brings the council to the scene of the crime (Palisade Command center) where they conduct investigations into the double-murders.

After MUCH deliberation, they come to following conclusions:

· Ulbrec, Emma and Dereth were alone inside the command post
· Ulbrec and Emma were shot in close range (bow) then finished with sword blows
· Emma put up a fight to defend herself
· Dereth could've dropped Emma's moonblade due to alignment conflicts.
· The assailant was very fast (hasted?) and left no tracks

Meanwhile, Ivan (the boy from Bryn Shander) delivers a message to Malcolm and Amen. A stranger wishes to meet with them at midnight at the Salty Dog Tavern. He specifically asked for the "two shapeshifters".

Hesitant: Vy'lareth still untrusting of the party

At the Salty Dog, the stranger reveals himself to be Nym, the Vhearunian drow who helped the party safely through the Underdark tunnels (from the Orc Fortress).

Nym and his associate, Vy'Lareth (played by guest veteran Glenn Chua) propose a deal: help the drow locate the Portal to the High Forest so that they (the drow) may reunite with their people at Cormanthor. Vy'Lareth is to accompany the party until the portal is located.

Malcolm promises to consult the others before giving a final decision.

All this for "repaying a small debt…" reassures Nym.

After a lengthy discussion, Tarion was strongly opposed to the idea of helping the drow. Insisting that the barbarians of the Great Worm tribe might hold the place sacred and could be insulted if the drow are discovered to be among the party members.

Malcolm and Tarion consult Gjal, the barbarian leader of the Great Worm. The barbarians revealed that the portal is not sacred to their tribe but it IS a closely guarded secret. Malcolm admits to meeting with the drow seeking passage through the portal. Gjal, although distressed and mad a bull, was convinced by the paladin to give the drow immunity from attack if they encounter them outside Great Worm territory.

Tarion's adamant stand about not associating or even considering the drow's request led the party to decide against Nym's proposal.

Malcolm returns to Nym and informs his of the unfortunate turn of events. Nym and Vy'Lareth are disappointed by the developments. Nym requests that Malcolm at least send a message to Cormanthor via a gem. The dorw suggest that they are "even" and will most likely meet again in different circumstances.

Malcolm's prayer to Bahamut are answered when a canary appears. He interprets it as a sign that the drow can be trusted.

To the Portal

The Company, accompanied by Gjal and the Great Worm barbarians, leave Targos and march towards Kelvin's Cairn where the Portal is located. The barbarians leave our heroes just beyond the site and head back to their tribe.

The party then proceed to solve the mystery of how to open the dragon/standing stones puzzle (which was the exact dream Amen had). Vy'lareth, the drow scout, reappears at this time and joins the party. They head underground and into the dungeons below the Standing Stones.

They encounter resistance in the form of undead guardians (Banedead). Dispatching the undead, the Company detours to a corridor which abrubtly ended with huge metal doors (where they solve another cryptic clue (The Curse of Iron). Alliana and Malcolm bypassed the trap and prepare to open the door…

What lies beyond the iron doors? Will the path to the portal be difficult? What is Vy'lareth's true motive? What is the gem that Malcolm now holds for the drow? And what about the strange visions Quinn and Amen experienced?

Will the party survive the perils of the Standing Stones? What awaits them beyond the portal?

All this and more as we continue our journey next episode! Stay tuned…


Malcolm: "I am not from this world. In my world, the 'drow' as you call them are called elves who have been forced to retreat underground away from surface dwellers… blah-blah-blah…"
Alliana: "SAME BANANA!!!!!!!!"


Malcolm: "my friends, I am fortunate. This day brings us good tidings. My god has just confirmed that the drow can be trusted. He has answered my prayers. He sent a canary as a symbol. It landed on my palm and gently touched the gem with its beak… as if enjoying it…"
Allliana: "oh yeah. How can you be sure its not just some random, ordinary canary that got carried away?!?"
Malcolm (disturbed): "…….Alliana…"

Tarion: "so, Malcolm, you say that your god has answered your prayers, correct? Are you sure of this? (laughing)"
Stern faced Malcolm: "be mindful of your words, Tarion. I am WILLING to DIE for this…"


Gjal: "through the portal?!!! The drow would have an easier time finding a path UP MY ASS!!!!!!!!

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