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Non-Player Characters

Ulbrec (LN, male, human, Ftr11) - Lord Mayor of Targos for over 40 years. Ulbrec was, unfortunately, slain during the recent orcish invasion. Lord Ulbrec has been instrumental in helping the PCs in their adventures and also was responsible for organizing "The Company", an elite, strike force composed of the PCs.



Lady Elythara (CG, female, half-elf, Sor 7/ Lore 4) Ulbrec's wife and a mystic. The lady is also known to be a fountain of mystic knowledge. She is also a potion brewer, a sage and a healer.



Emma Moonblade (NG, female, half-elven, Rgr 8) - Now, together with Dereth Springsong, Emma (Emaly'r Sulunil) serves as one of the elite scouts for Targos. Having also served the High Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon and trained under Turlang of the High Forest, Emma is a skilled ranger and warrior.

She is also the last member of House Sulinil in the mainland, a former notable elven family in Cormanthor. Most of her people left during the Retreat. She has the Moonblade of House Sulinil.

Emma is also a standing member of the Harpers.

Dereth Springsong (CG, male, half-elf, Ftr 4/Rgr 6) Dereth is Emma's partner who also trained under Turlang. Together they swear allegiance to Ulbrec and vow to protect Targos from the brunt of humaniod incursions. Recently, Dereth was abducted by orcs but was rescued by The Company. After guiding the party through the Underdark caverns, Dereth mysteriously dissappeared after the invasion. He is the prime suspect behind the murders of Ulbrec and Emma. The characters suspect that a Clone replaced the real Dereth...