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Book II "Dark Rising"


The Company of Targos parted ways at the palace of High Lady Alustriel exactly a year ago at the 18th of Tarsakh (April) 1371 DR.

Malcolm and Alianna return to the Ten Towns to investigate the disturbing visions the paladin got from his god, Bahamut. There, they find themselves transported to Ravenloft, the demi-plane of dread, where they continue their adventuring trying to solve the mystery of two ancient races locked in mortal battle.

Malcolm and Alianna both return to Brynn Shander after their adventures where they enjoy each others company and a well deserved respite from all the dangers. One day, while Malcolm was training his apprentice, Ivan, he receives yet another vision from Bahamut. This time he is brought to an evil keep somewhere in the Spine of the World where he witnesses the leader of the Order of the Chimera, the cambion Medae, speaking to his dark master.

Malcolm can barely hear their conversation but managed to remember the following:

"The woman soon shall bear child and the other shall be discovered.."

"My master has waited for this moment for countless years..." the dark armored warrior said amidst maniacal laughter.

Meanwhile, by Mirtul 1371DR (June), Amenrath and Psion decide to return to the ruins of Ascore to see if they can find more clues to aid them in their quest to solve the mystery of the Nether Scrolls (The Prophecy-link).

There, they discover that a spacefaring race known as Ilithids have been aiding both the Shade and the Red Wizards by selling more weapons. Amen and Psion discover a spelljamming vessel.

Returning with reinforcements, they find that the vessel and all trace of the Ilithids have vanished. They also encountered a Shade patrol led by a certain shade officer named Anskar.

The Anauroch Cataclysm

Amen returns to Anuaroch, his home. On the way, he and Psion encounter Anskar the Shade. They slay him after a difficult battle.

At the Bedine tribe, Achmed informs him that Shade military activity has increased recently. Most of the Bedine tribes have been forced to retreat to the Sword wastes... away from the Oases that they call home.

The Bedine Kolyats (patrols) have been very busy lately fending off attacks from the Shade. Sheik Abdul, leader of the Bedine people, has prepared his nation for war. He is cautious yet his son, Omar wants to bring the army to the heart of the enemy, the Sea of Shadows.

By Midsummer, part of the Nether Scrolls is fulfilled. The evil City of Shade appears at the Scimitar Spires in a great explosion of magic and dark energy. An explosion that prompted the two priests of the Bedine, Zebeddas (priest of Elah/Selune) and Qemmet (priest of Anhur) to reveal to Amen and the rest their greatest fear...


Most of the months after the incursion of the Shade drive the Bedine further south. Of the 6 tribes, 2 have almost been completely annihilated. Bedine forces dwindle every day. Their 2,000 strong riders are no match for the 10,000 strong army of the Shade.

Yet, the Bedine leadership has, what appears to be, an enigma. They know not if it will be their downfall or their savior.

It is the child, Zasheir.

A few months before the cataclysm, this 10-year-old Bedine boy began chanting a language no one in their tribe could understand. Even aged priests and the elderly could not comprehend the language. Even magic could not breach such a barrier.

Zebedas, priest of Elah tells Amen that it is "a language older than time itself... which even the most powerful wizards in the Toril could not even comprehend."

The Sheik and the priests believe that the fate of the Bedine people and maybe even the answers to this epic struggle will be unlocked once the words of Zasheir are translated.

Amen is tasked to return to Silverymoon to report to the Lord's Alliance the developments in Anuaroch and reveal to them facts about Zasheir. He is also to call for aid in the coming war against the City of Shade.

The tale of the second book of Winter's Twilight begins in stark contrast to the cold, white snow of the Ten Towns. We follow the tracks of Amen's mount as it cascades down the slopes of the unforgiving sand dunes of Anuaroch leaving dust and prints that only the hard beating sun are privy to...