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Security n. the state of being secure, persons responsible for the protection of others, as in a building, shopping mall, etc.; measures calculated to provide for protection.

Guard n. any person or thing that protects against loss or harm -vt. to keep watch, to protect.


Paranoia. Nazi temperament. Stoic. Indiscreet. Tactless. Pogi...

These are just some of the traits inherent in the average pinoy security guard (or "sikyo", to most people). Sikyos have been around since god-knows-when. They play a major (and often unappreciated part) in protecting the business establishments and guarding our security - the consumer. They are the first line of defense against terrorism.

In honor of these brave men and women, The Fellowship ressurects the Sikyo Role-Playing Game. We first played it as a wild and wacky humor RPG back in 1993. Now, after 10 years, Sikyo RPG returns to the tabletop in an enhanced version using the Window sytem from

What better way to reflect everyday, contemporary, Metro Manila real life than in the eyes of a "Sikyo"? I mean, they meet all sorts of people everyday! Add to that, the Mecca of urban pinoys, SM Megamall... and basically, ANYTHING can happen...

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Welcome to the Sus-Mar-Yosep Security Agency
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